7.00 my alarm goes off. The struggle and decision between staying in bed or getting out has never been this hard. Although my body fights me to continue sleeping my head reminds me that today is the day were my friends and I are going to visit and experience a side of Australia we have never seen before Wilsons Promontory.

As we pack our lunches and put our high boots on, we think about what an exciting day we have ahead of us. We arrive at South Yarra Station at 8.00 were we get introduced to the rest of our amazing crew. We see people from Brazil, France, Korea, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, US, Colombia, England, Poland and Australia (of course!). What an international group!

We get on the bus and we start our trip, after an hour an a half on the bus we arrive at Korumburra, as our stomachs rumble, we grab one of the creamy sweets we find at the cafe there. Full of energy we get back on the way and arrive at your first exciting and longest destination. A long walk up hills that make every step so worth it, when you get to the top of the mountain and admire the breath taking view. 45 minutes take us to get to the top of Mouth Oberon Summit, but as soon as I put that last foot on the top I forget about the sweat that have been following me all the way up.

Even we take amazing pictures, this view will be forever stored in our heads! We spend about 15 minutes admiring the beauty of the nature around and we realised, one more time, how lucky to be here. Right now. Far from home but enjoying every moment!

We rapidly make our way to the bottom were the bus is waiting for us. I get on and grab my water bottle that I impatiently drink with thirst.

At around 2.15 we arrive at Tidal River for lunch. My friends and I get a chicken sandwich as we share our pictures with the new friends we have made, all the photos are truthy breath taking, amazing photographers they are!

After lunch and coffee, we begging our walk to squeaky beach. A brownish lake below us as we go through a wooden bridge,  walks us to the forest. Intense green dress the mountains and long fields get distort in the distance. I fill my lungs with fresh air and I let it get in me, paradise is were I am. We walk and on our way to Squeaky beach we take million pictures, but they don’t make justice to what our eyes are seeing. Squeaky beach, a white sand beach that reminds us how peaceful and amazing Australia is. We take our shoes off and approach the water, to burry our feet in the white squeaky sand as the fresh salty air makes our hair tangle. I don’t want this dream to end.

Cutters lake is our last stop and for me the most exciting one and what I’ve been waiting for impatiently. It’s almost 4.30 so the sun is going down, kangaroos on one side, emus on the other and a wombat filling his belly and ignoring the bunch of people approaching and photographing him.

Wilsons Promontory National Park, a must for everyone who comes to Victoria, an incredible experience that will remind in me forever. And pictures to look back to and remind me why I fell in love with Australia in the first place.