I have always been a volleyball fan, I use to play it in high school with my friends and kept playing a little bit through my first years of university. Then I got lazy and never really got into it, one of the first things I realised when I arrive at Melbourne was how active, fit and dedicated to health people are here. My desire to get into sports started to grow inside me little by little as months passed by. When my friend Emily told me about Fun Addicts and their idea of having a free volleyball tournament every Wednesday, brought back memories from when I was in high school, butterflies started to pock my stomach thinking how exciting it would be to get into it again. It was a Wednesday afternoon, right after work, as I approached the beach I buried my feet in the sand, the salty smell of the fresh water dug into me and God it felt good. I put my short on as I was waiting impatiently for the rest of the group. People started to walk towards me from every corner of the beach, strange faces that soon became what if felt like a team. Brazilians, Colombians, Europeans, Americans… I was amazed.

An hour past by and the only thing that remind me of the time was the sun going down behind my back. I started rusty not going to lie, but soon the feeling of happiness and belonging to a group became bigger than any other insecurities. Tunes pumping at the back, people laughing, and all of us excited to be able to enjoy a passion together. We kept rotating every 20 points, between two courts, we owned the place. Sometimes it isn’t only the sport but the feeling of belonging somewhere, even if you are far from home, a team, a group, a part of something fun and entertaining. I can’t wait to repeat next Wednesday, are you with us.